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I love the vegetarian satay stukjes that you get at Indonesian restaurants – the little chewy balls of mystery vegetable matter that come on a wooden skewer, snuggled under a generous lashing of spicy peanut sauce. I never really questioned what the stukjes themselves were made from – the peanut sauce is so delicious that […]

I watched Exit Through the Gift Shop last night. I enjoy clever graffiti, but I don’t like the idea of painting on something which somebody else is caring for and maintaining in good condition. But I’ve always wanted to get a spray can and do this: But I doubt this is the friendly, cuddly, Thomas-the-Tank-Engine […]

Apparently I am not the only one flummoxed by the stick-up-your-hand-to-hail-the-bus rule in Drenthe. The bus company, Qbuzz, has embarked on an ad campaign to educate people: The ad says: “Do you want to take the bus? Stick your hand up.” Of course, you have to be IN the bus to SEE the advertisement….