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As the folks over at have pointed out, there is nothing more wonderful to Dutch people than skating outdoors on natural ice. Now, I don’t feel very Dutch: I talk too much, I eat hot smelly food for lunch and I start conversations with strangers in the grocery check-out line. But back in February, […]

hollandse gwaii


What sort of creation myths did the people inhabiting the Netherlands had before the arrival of Christianity have? Would their ancestors have arrived in Holland on a boat with a raven and a bear and a beaver, like in the story of the Haida? The Bill Reid sculpture, Spirit of Haida Gwaii, is regarded as […]

My bank in Canada recently introduced a feature which allows their clients with personal accounts to transfer money to other bank accounts for the not-so-low price of 1.50 loonies per transfer. For those of you who pay your rent/mortgage/bills/friends-who-bought-dinner-for-you-last-night by signing and mailing a paper cheque, this may sound like a real advance in banking […]