Cat Business


The Dutch word for “duvet cover” is “dekbedovertrek” (bed-cover-over-pull), which, to google image search, looks a lot like “dekbed” (“garden planter” or “bed of plants”). Skimming through pictures of duvets yielded this photo

Dutch cats doing reconnaissance

of two cats investigating a garden planter. The white and orange kitty sure looked like my old neighbours’ cat, so I clicked through – and proceeded to waste several hours looking at pictures of cats rambling around Leiden. The zealous oprichter of has spent about four years documenting the antics of several dozen of the local “haarfabrieken” (fur factories) as they stroll around the neighbourhood doing their cat business:


The pretext is that the cats are reporters investigating all the goings-on in the neighbourhood and the name of the blog (Leidschkatblad) is a pun on the name of the local paper (Leidsch Dagblad). I am well-acquainted with the kitty from my old house (Mr. Orange), so I put together a guest reportage from him.

Mr. Orange Has A Busy Day

The buurkat, Black Fluffy, had dug up some dirt in the garden, so Mr. Orange strolled over to investigate and maybe find out who had pooped in the tomato plants. You see, Black Fluffy is of the opinion that Holland, being made of sand, is basically just one giant cat litter box. However, this does not make the Humans very happy. The policatical discussion was settled with some fisticuffs and Black Fluffy slunk off to sulk in the neighbours’ yard.

By doing a chin-up on the fence, Mr Orange can climb into this tree. Of course, all the birds had long since flown away, but one day he will catch one and interview it.

Mr. Orange decided to help some humans with their verhuizing, even though they only provided low-quality cat treats. Maybe now that he is in this box they will decide not to move after all?

Mr. Orange likes to use his press pass to get in the back door. After he’s kneaded the couch and deleted a few e-mails, there’s nothing he likes more than to cuddle up next to the mini-freezer where it’s nice and warm and the motor has a lovely purr.


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