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The Netherlands possesses a quaint plurality of towns named “Zevenhuizen” (Seven Houses). There are at least three: Zevenhuizen near Leiden, Zevenhuizen near Gouda and Zevenhuizen near Groningen. On top of that, there are also Driehuizen (Three Houses, near Alkmaar) Vijfhuizen (Five Houses, near Haarlem) and Negenhuizen (Nine Houses, near Delft). Weighing in for the even […]

I live in a four hundred year-old house whose quirks include being able to look out the bedroom window and into the living room window. Lying in bed one day, I noticed that the brick wall of the living room has been covered over with mortar – but only up to the height of the […]

Fairy Bread


An old housemate from New Zealand came to visit last weekend, so we bought some squishy white bread and served up a typical Dutch breakfast. When he saw the hagelslag his eyes popped: “Dutch people eat Fairy Bread for breakfast ? “Fairy Bread” is a treat served at children’s birthday parties in New Zealand to […]