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Towns in Canada are typically named in one of three ways: Angliciziation/Francization or translation of the native name for the area (Whitehorse, Yellowknife, Saskatoon, Kamloops, Ottawa, Toronto, Ontario, Medicine Hat) appropriating parts of the Old Country (Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax) invoking saints, royalty or heroic explorers (Victoria, Alberta, Prince Edward Island, Regina, St. John’s, Hudson’s Bay) […]

Ever wanted to go on a European road trip – without taking a passport? You can see a lot of major European cities without ever leaving Saskatchewan or southern Ontario! Enlarge View in Google Maps In Amsterdam, Saskatchewan, you could lose yourself for days on the many narrow and twisting streets. Amsterdam, Saskatchewan was named […]

Reizigers voor Rotterdam Centraal worden geadviseerd om de thema uit “Jaws” te neuriĆ«n. Desondanks de vergelijking met de haai, het nieuw gebouw van Rotterdam Centraal ziet leuk uit.