I am really too lazy and my life is too boring to have a blog. Nevertheless, I have one now.

I enjoy eating, kayaking and having occasional intelligent stray thoughts.

Living in the Netherlands for the past few years I’ve learned to cook a lot of delicious Indonesian food. Since the optimal results usually tend to be obtained by extrapolating from several other recipes, I have started writing down my own prescriptions for the required ingredients. I used to keep links to recipes that I like in a e-mail draft to myself, but now I will share my carefully optimized culinary secrets with everyone on the internet.

In addition to eating, I also enjoy flat-water kayaking in the vast wildernesses of Holland. When I tell people this, they usually look at me sceptically and ask things like “have you ever struck a bicycle?” or “is your tetanus shot up-to-date?” But the Netherlands is really a beautiful and magical place to experience nature on a smaller scale and I am excited to share my voyages.


When I was about six or seven, one of my favourite books was “Paddle-to-the-Sea”. The story is about the travels of a carved toy boat which floats across the Great Lakes and down the St. Lawrence river to the Atlantic. The little boy who made the boat inscribed the bottom with the instruction “please put me back in the water”.

Now that I have my own little kayak and my own adventures on the other side of the Atlantic ocean “please put me back in the water” is how I feel every spring when the trees start bud and the soft white clouds amble slowly across the blue pasture of the heavens.


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