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After five years of adventures, my inflatable kayak will have to be retired. Boyfriend was paddling her with another friend when he noticed that one of her side panels was getting a little soft. They pulled over to the side of the canal and attempted to re-inflate the tube, but to no avail; we knew […]


Went for a paddle around Leiden before the Holland-Germany soccer game. The oranjekleuren were all hung out over the canal. During the World Cup I could follow the score from my boat by listening for the celebratory yelling as I paddled past bars.

Since this is actually a kayak blog, I thought I should stop posting about the neighbourhood cats and get on with actually writing about kayaking. Voorburg to Delft – map Passing through the old Poort of Delft We packed Sunny onto her shopping trolley and took the train to the Huygens house in Voorburg. The […]

It was 26 C yesterday, so all of Leiden was out sitting on terrasjes, bbqing in beer crates or, if between the ages of 8 and 13, a drunk university student, or simply a goofy foreigner who spontaneously decided to pack a swim suit, swimming in the canal. Later on, some obnoxious Leiden frat boys […]

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What sort of creation myths did the people inhabiting the Netherlands had before the arrival of Christianity have? Would their ancestors have arrived in Holland on a boat with a raven and a bear and a beaver, like in the story of the Haida? The Bill Reid sculpture, Spirit of Haida Gwaii, is regarded as […]