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Ever wanted to go on a European road trip – without taking a passport? You can see a lot of major European cities without ever leaving Saskatchewan or southern Ontario! Enlarge View in Google Maps In Amsterdam, Saskatchewan, you could lose yourself for days on the many narrow and twisting streets. Amsterdam, Saskatchewan was named […]

hollandse gwaii


What sort of creation myths did the people inhabiting the Netherlands had before the arrival of Christianity have? Would their ancestors have arrived in Holland on a boat with a raven and a bear and a beaver, like in the story of the Haida? The Bill Reid sculpture, Spirit of Haida Gwaii, is regarded as […]

I watched Exit Through the Gift Shop last night. I enjoy clever graffiti, but I don’t like the idea of painting on something which somebody else is caring for and maintaining in good condition. But I’ve always wanted to get a spray can and do this: But I doubt this is the friendly, cuddly, Thomas-the-Tank-Engine […]