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Reizigers voor Rotterdam Centraal worden geadviseerd om de thema uit “Jaws” te neuriĆ«n. Desondanks de vergelijking met de haai, het nieuw gebouw van Rotterdam Centraal ziet leuk uit. Advertisements

I live in a four hundred year-old house whose quirks include being able to look out the bedroom window and into the living room window. Lying in bed one day, I noticed that the brick wall of the living room has been covered over with mortar – but only up to the height of the […]

Fairy Bread


An old housemate from New Zealand came to visit last weekend, so we bought some squishy white bread and served up a typical Dutch breakfast. When he saw the hagelslag his eyes popped: “Dutch people eat Fairy Bread for breakfast ? “Fairy Bread” is a treat served at children’s birthday parties in New Zealand to […]


Went for a paddle around Leiden before the Holland-Germany soccer game. The oranjekleuren were all hung out over the canal. During the World Cup I could follow the score from my boat by listening for the celebratory yelling as I paddled past bars.

Cat Business


The Dutch word for “duvet cover” is “dekbedovertrek” (bed-cover-over-pull), which, to google image search, looks a lot like “dekbed” (“garden planter” or “bed of plants”). Skimming through pictures of duvets yielded this photo of two cats investigating a garden planter. The white and orange kitty sure looked like my old neighbours’ cat, so I clicked […]

My bank in Canada recently introduced a feature which allows their clients with personal accounts to transfer money to other bank accounts for the not-so-low price of 1.50 loonies per transfer. For those of you who pay your rent/mortgage/bills/friends-who-bought-dinner-for-you-last-night by signing and mailing a paper cheque, this may sound like a real advance in banking […]