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Went for a paddle around Leiden before the Holland-Germany soccer game. The oranjekleuren were all hung out over the canal. During the World Cup I could follow the score from my boat by listening for the celebratory yelling as I paddled past bars. Advertisements

It was 26 C yesterday, so all of Leiden was out sitting on terrasjes, bbqing in beer crates or, if between the ages of 8 and 13, a drunk university student, or simply a goofy foreigner who spontaneously decided to pack a swim suit, swimming in the canal. Later on, some obnoxious Leiden frat boys […]



As the folks over at have pointed out, there is nothing more wonderful to Dutch people than skating outdoors on natural ice. Now, I don’t feel very Dutch: I talk too much, I eat hot smelly food for lunch and I start conversations with strangers in the grocery check-out line. But back in February, […]